Meet the Primary Care Plus Team

Experienced professionals with a passion for putting you first.

The physicians, nurses and staff at Primary Care Plus are a unique group of professionals. They chose to be part of your healthcare team because they value quality of care over quantity of care… because they are focused on working better, not just on working faster… and because they value personal relationships as much as positive treatment outcomes.

Primary Care Plus doctors and staff are experienced, knowledgeable and 100% dedicated to caring for you.

The Primary Care Plus team includes:

James Doll, M.D.
O’Neal, Perkins & Gretna

Phillip Ehlers, M.D.
Family Medicine

Michael Guarisco, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Medical Director, Baton Rouge

Michael McSween, M.D.
Family Medicine

Vaughn R. Meiners, Jr., M.D.
Family Medicine

Brad J. Ramsey, D.O.
Family Medicine

John H. Vockroth III, M.D.
Internal Medicine

Handling your health with care.